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Vinyl Cutting Services

Vinyl Cutters

We have a 24" and a 48" wide CNC vinyl cutter available for use by members of the space and we're more than happy to set up and run vinyl cutting jobs. Like the rest of our digital fabrication services, we offer full vinyl cutting services to non-members as well. We stock a wide variety of colors of vinyl in 24" rolls as well as transfer tape, application fluid, and everything else you need for basic vinyl application.

If you need us to cut and prep your vinyl designs for you, stop by, use our job submission system to submit a job or to get a quote. See our 2D file prep guide and 2D file submission guide for more info on file setup.

If you need help learning how to create vector artwork for vinyl cutting or someone to draft your designs, we can help out with that too. We host periodic classes covering 2D drafting and we offer 2D drafting and image conversion services. Contact us for more details.

Vinyl Cutting
File type: Any standard vector format (.dxf, .eps, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.)
Materials: Adhesive Vinyl Sheet
Dimensions: 24"x120"
Set Up Fee: $5  (Free for members)
Material Cost: $10/ linear yard  ($5 /linear yard for members)

Additional fees to cover prep work may apply depending on your application.