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Maker Ranks

ACTING ENSIGN:  Student Members and Youth Members of the space are assigned the rank of Acting Ensign.  Acting Ensigns are allowed access to the Less Lethal Labs only.  Acting Ensigns may access the DANGER ZONE only in the presence of a Space Commander and their legal guardian.  Acting Ensigns are not issued colored personal safety gear, but are required to use any gear provided in the labs.

SPACE CADET:  Space Cadets are new members of the space who have not yet demonstrated tool safety protocol and proficiency.  Space Cadets are given RED aprons, RED safety glasses, RED hearing protection, and a RED dust mask.  Lovingly referred to as "RED SHIRTS", our Space Cadets require extra help and supervision.  Space Cadets are allowed access to the DANGER ZONE during office hours (11am-7pm) -and- while under the supervision of a higher ranking member.  Space cadets may remain in the DANGER ZONE as long as a higher ranking member is present.  Space cadets must request training on each new tool during office hours before using.   Space Cadets may access the Less Lethal Labs without supervision, but are still expected to request training before operating any new equipment in those labs.

SPACE OFFICER: Space Officers are promoted by demonstrating caution, judgement, proficiency, reliability, and leadership ability.  Space Officers are given BLUE aprons, BLUE safety glasses, BLUE hearing protection, and a BLUE dust mask.  Space Officers may access the Machine Fabrication Bay from 7am-11pm and may occupy the DANGER ZONE at any time without supervision. Space Officers may operate machinery after hours as long as another member of any rank is present. Space Officers may access the Less Lethal Labs without supervision.  Space Officers may be experienced but are still expected to request training before operating any new tool or lab equipment.

Space officers are expected to continue to demonstrate leadership by keeping an eye on new members and observing and enforcing safety protocol.  Space Officers will notify all present Officers when leaving the space after hours.  Space Officers who stay past office hours are required to observe the shut down procedure if they are the last officer to leave the space.   Space Officers are tasked with ejecting Space Cadets from the DANGER ZONE at shutdown.  Space Officers are empowered to, at any time, halt any activity they deem unsafe until Command/Staff can assess the situation.

PRIME DIRECTIVE - Space Officers may be de-commissioned for failing to clean ALL tools and floors during after hours use.

SPACE COMMANDER: Space Commanders are the staff and employees of the space.  Space Commanders display BLACK AND GOLD Aprons, BLACK AND GOLD safety glasses, and BLACK AND GOLD hearing protection.

Space Commanders are available on demand during daily office hours, from 11am to 7pm.
Space Commanders are here to help you keep you safe and successful.
Space Commanders are NOT here to do your research and development.
Space Commanders may offer to instead provide mentoring services at an hourly rate.
Space Commanders are empowered to authorize new tools for Officers and Cadets.
Space Commanders may access the space at any time.
Space Commanders will notify all present Officers when leaving the space.
Space Commanders are the law.  PERIOD.

CURRENT COMMANDERS: Dave, Beck, Craig, Anne, Christina, Joseph and Michael