M-F and Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

7am-11pm EVERY DAY

(913) 686-6562

5200 E 45th St
Kansas City, MO 64130


How does this work?
Hammerspace is a Makerspace or Community Workshop. We are a membership based organization for creative people of all kinds.  By joining our community, you get access to all of the tools and resources we provide for our members: Classroom, Electronics Lab, Sewing Lab, Screen Printing/ Dye-sub Lab, Conference Room, Sculpting Lab, 3D Printing Lab, Assembly Room, Woodshop, Metalshop, Jewelry and Black-smithing shop, Paint shop, and even an Arcade for the little makers.

How can I take a class?

We teach CLASSES on all kinds of skills to the general public, NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.
You can come take any class you see on our calendar by following the link to the MEETUP EVENT
(text link located in the lower left-hand corner of every event listing)

Can you make something FOR me?

We do also provide commercial DIGITAL FABRICATION services.  Our staff can help you get custom precision parts produced on our laser cutters, CNC routers, Plasma Cutters and 3D Printers.

Do I get my own workbench or desk?
Hammerspace is more like a Gym than a co-working space.  All of our workbenches (and work tables, tools, labs etc..) are for everyone to use and are expected to be empty when you leave the space.  We can provide ample storage space for large projects on short or long term basis.

Can I drop by and just look around?
If you drop in for a tour, please call ahead. We are usually happy to provide you with a tour or some reading material, but we may not always be available to step away from assisting our members to lead a tour.
If you want to have a look around RIGHT NOW, call us before you head over and we'd be happy to give you a tour.

Do you supply everything for my project?
You can provide your own materials and consumables, or you can purchase consumables like fresh sandpaper, blades, brads and bits in our handy supply store. We even stock most common sheet goods like baltic birch ply, MDF, acrylic, foam, etc...

What about tool training?
Safety staff  are on duty from 11am to 7pm every day.  We are here to answer questions, provide safety training and suggest materials and tools for your project.
We train new members on woodshop tools as they become necessary to a project. We do not believe you can certify safety into someone by lecturing them ahead of time.  Each new operation on a tool can be learned when you require it for a project.  Simply push the I NEED HELP button located in each workshop and lab to summon the staff for safety training.

What if I don't know how to make the thing I'm trying to make?
If you require more help than basic safety training, we offer classes to teach you important skills that you may need in order to build your ideas.  Classes are not included with membership, but you also don't have to be a member to take classes, simply select a class from our calendar and RSVP to hold your spot.  The class fees cover materials and pay for your instructors time.  This is a great way to try out the space and learn a new skill without any commitment.

If you have advanced training needs outside of what is offered in our schedule of classes, we -may- be able to schedule an appointment with one of our mentors to assist you with your needs.  Mentoring is not an "on demand" service and must be scheduled with your mentor ahead of time. Mentors set their own hourly rate based on your needs as a student. Mentoring sessions are also listed on our class calendar for easy scheduling.

What if I need something Laser cut? Or CNC milled?
We also offer Digital Fabrication Services. You can bring in digital files and have your ideas fabricated on our laser cutters, CNC routers, CNC plasma cutter, CNC vinyl cutter, 3D printers, and more!  Think of our Digital Fabrication Service as a printshop for THINGS. We operate the robotic tools for our members and clients to make the process fast, affordable, efficient and safe.

What do you mean by digital files?
Depending on the process, we use 2D vector drawings and 3D models. For 2D art we recommend Corel Draw, Illustrator, or any commonly available CAD software. For 3D models, we recommend Tinkercad and Fusion 360. There is a guide on our digital fabrication page to help you set up your 2D art. Or check out our 3D file guide for submission guidelines for 3D printing.

We also offer classes to help you learn how to render your ideas.

But I don't know how to draw.  Can someone draw it for me?
If you don't have digital files, but have an idea for something that you would like to have fabricated, we can connect you with one of our Digital Draftsmen who can help you by rendering your idea in 2D or 3D digital files.  Our draftsmen offer extremely competitive rates.

So once I'm a member, when can I use the space?
Use your RFID membership card to access the space from 7am to 11pm.  7 days per week.  Classes may occupy the classroom, art room, woodshop, assembly room, metalshop, or forge area, and this use supersedes the use of the area for personal projects. Check the calendar before you head to the space to prevent surprises.  New members may access the DANGER ZONE portion of the workshop from 11 AM to 7 PM.   These are the office hours and are the time when tool training is available.    Tool training may be requested beginning at 11 am.   Extended hours will be available to members with first aid training after most general training has been completed and shut down and emergency procedures have been reviewed.  Extended hours are granted at the discretion of the staff, and are contingent on leaving the shop CLEAN, ORDERLY, AND SAFE after use.  Attendance of member meetings is also a factor.

What are these red apron/blue apron members all about?
We use a color coded ranking system to differentiate novice members of the space from the more experienced users. All new members begin ranked as a Red Apron Space Cadet.  Once a user has demonstrated that they are safety conscious and respectful of the rules, and participate in member meetings, they may be nominated by the staff and/or Space Officers for a promotion to the higher rank of Space Officer. Space officers are trained in FIRST AID and how to shut down the space, handle emergencies, and provide light assistance to other users.   Space officers are granted longer hours and supervision free access to the tool workshop.
Click here for details on our ranking system. 

I just need to use the space for one day, why don't you have daily rates?
We are a community oriented membership organization.  Our only source of funding comes from our members.  We set our membership rates so low to encourage ongoing participation in the space.  When we provided Day-pass access, these members were responsible for nearly 100% of the damage to the space and tools.  We decided to prioritize our community users and limit access to dedicated and active members of the space.

Can I work on a project car and leave it at the space?
No.  Not at this time.  Any automotive work done at the space must be completed and removed from the lot by the end of the day. We are not zoned for outdoor storage of vehicles.

Can I store my project at the space?
We provide banker boxes for complimentary perpetual storage of your personal tools, supplies and projects.

Short term parking is available for larger projects that have glue or paint that must dry, and for larger pieces of ongoing projects. Large project storage periods in SHORT TERM PARKING are at the discretion of the staff.

FABRICATOR and PROFFESIONAL Memberships are available that include PERPETUAL large item storage.

Our goal is to incentivize members to minimize the length of time such large items are stored at the space without it becoming a dumping ground for "useful stuff I'm probably going to use one day maybe".

Materials and supplies left unmarked in common areas may be disposed of without notification.  Who would we notify?

Can I bring a guest?
Yes, but guests are limited to the digital fabrication and classroom area only for safety purposes.  Guests are allowed to observe, but are not allowed to operate tools or use resources of the space.   Please encourage your guests to become members of the space.

I want to start a Makerspace, can I just look around for a bit?
Every week we get contact by folks who want to run a makerspace and just want to come by and "pick our brains for ideas".  We offer consultation services for aspiring makerspace operators.

Who provides funding for your organization?
You do. We are 100% funded by our members and clients, just like any other business. We receive no grants, tax exemptions, or any other support to speak of from our city, state, or federal government.

How can I buy a class or membership as a gift?
Contact us via email to arrange to give the gift of membership or a class.  We are happy to help facilitate the process for you.

Who are you people?
We are a hard working community of makers.  Check out our Staff Bios to learn more about our Space Commanders.