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Laser Cutting


CNC Routing


3D Printing

  • Rapidly create functional 3D plastic representations of parts
  • FDM in large format and SLA printing options available
  • 3D Printing Guide

Plasma Cutting



  • We can create design files from formal definitions to napkin sketches
  • We offer 2D and 3D drafting services and do file prep for digital fabrication

Molding and Casting

  • Rapidly reproduce parts in a number of materials for testing to short run production
  • We have extensive experience in designing for casting, including making casts of 3D prints
  • Great for reproducing existing parts and making props

About Us

Hammerspace is a community workshop located in Kansas City. We have a diverse staff with industry experience in fields as diverse as computer engineering to blacksmithing. We have an equally diverse set of tools ranging from cutting edge digital fabrication tools to traditional woodworking and metalworking equipment, giving us a huge range of fabrication capabilities. We serve an even more diverse set of clients, from major architecture firms to stay at home parents with a creative itch.

Our Clients and Partners

We're proud to help our local entrepreneurs, artistes, and proffesional makers grow their buisinesses and flourish.