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Digital Design & Drafting

napkinIf you have a project, product, or prototype in mind, and you want to take it to the next step, the odds are high that you will need to render your idea in a digital form. 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, vinyl cutters and PCB fabrication all require your idea to be drafted digitally.

Drafting is an essential skill to interact with modern automated tools, but many people who lack the experience can find the process confusing and intimidating.

Hammerspace is here to help you clear that hurdle with digital drafting services. We can take your napkin sketch and turn it into machine ready digital files so you can get back to being creative.

Just bring in your designs and measurements and sit down with one of our draftsmen.

We can turn your ideas into 2D or 3D digital files, starting at $50 per hour.

Once you have your digital files you will be amazed at how quickly your idea can become a reality.

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Closed to the public, Open to members

We are continuing to provide laser-cutting and other fabrication services with contactless pickup.

Tour the space during office hours on a call ahead basis, daily.

Access now allowed 11am-11pm

Access now allowed 11am-7pm
After-hours access with blue apron present.

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