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CNC Routing Services

CNC Router

We offer large format CNC routing services with direct drop off and pick up. Walk-ins are welcome and you don't have to be a member of the space to use our CNC routing or other digital manufacturing services.

Stop by, or better yet, use our job submission form to submit a job or to get a quote. Please provide as much detail on your application as you can for an accurate estimate.

We stock a variety of materials for your CNC project, and provide an economical and convenient way to get the correct material for your project.

If you need help learning how to create vector artwork for CNC routing or someone to draft your designs, we can help out with that too.

We also host periodic classes covering 2D drafting and we offer 2D drafting and image conversion services. Contact us for more details.

File type:  Any standard 2D vector format (.dxf, .eps, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.)
Materials: wood, plywood, MDF, all plastics, thin aluminum and copper, rigid foam, carbon fiber, etc.
Thickness: up to 2.75 inch
Max Cutting Area: 72"X120"
Axes: 3 (XYZ)
Set Up Fee: $10  ($5 for members)
Cut Time Fee: $1.50/min for non-members, $1.00/min for standard members, $0.50/min for professional members and large volume clients

Tooling charges may apply depending on your application.

Temporarily closed to the public

Hammerspace Workshop is currently closed to the public and our members due to the Pandemic.

We are continuing to provide laser-cutting and other digital fabrication services with curbside pickup.

Certain temporary rules will be applied until the SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS dictates otherwise:

1) Masks AND social distancing will be required inside the space AT ALL TIMES. We will provide masks if required. This is not up for debate at this or any time.
2) No eating or drinking inside the shop. There will be a refrigerator in the carport. Use the patio for these activities.
3) We will ONLY be re-opening the wood and metal shop to members. Entry via garage door.
4) We will be limiting occupancy in the shop to 10 people, INCLUDING STAFF.
5) The classroom and less lethal labs and store will remain staff only. Request anything you need, we can bring it out.
6) Members will be issued PPE which must be labeled with your name and stored correctly or returned to be sanitized.
7) No minor children should be brought to the space.
8) Members will be provided with supplies to sanitize themselves and the tools they handle.
9) Members should not visit while sick and are requested to notify the space if they become sick at any time after a visit.
10) Hammerspace reserves the right to change these rules at any time as the situation evolves.