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Sunday 12pm-5pm

7am-11pm EVERY DAY

(913) 686-6562

5200 E 45th St
Kansas City, MO 64130

Classes & Events


Listed below are classes that we currently teach at the space.  New classes are added weekly.  Classes may be attended by anyone. No membership is required.

Silversmithing Basics : Silver band ring
Silversmithing Basics : Jewelers saw cut coins
Silversmithing Basics : Forged coin ring

Silversmithing  : Set stone in argentium
Lost Wax Casting : Shibuichi ring
Lost Wax Casting : Bronze lucky tokens, icons and other juju
Sand Casting: TBA
Pewter Casting: Lucky coins and Medals
Pewter Casting: Holiday Ornaments

Welding for Everyone : Arc Welding
Cold Forging and welding Steel : Hurricane lamps
CNC Cutting : Plasma cut bookends
CNC Cutting : Silhouette lamps
CNC Cutting : Rustic steel sign
Torch for everyone: Soldering, brazing, and welding a metal lamp

Blacksmithing : Mini Mijolnir - Dress ,electroetch a smithing hammer.
Blacksmithing : Hand forged steel rose
Blacksmiting : Hand forged camp cutlery
Knifesmithing : Damascus utility skinner
Knifesmithing : Railroad spike knife

Woodworking Basics:  Wooden Painters Bench
Family Woodworking: Wooden Ping pong ball crossbow
Family Woodworking: CNC  2 Mini Catapults
Family Woodworking: CNC  puzzle step stool
Family Woodworking: Wooden Swords
Woodworking:  Recipe Cutting Board
Woodworking: Lathe - Mace
Woodworking: Lathe - Christmas Trees
Woodworking: Lathe - Mini Stool (Dolls, candles or plants)

Silkscreen Printing: Hipster shoprags
Silkscreen Printing : Private T- Shirt Event
Digital art mounting: Print large images on canvas

Sewing : Frankenstuffies!

Laser Cutting : Nerdy Snowflake Ornaments
Laser Cutting : Mad Science Lightswitch
Laser Cutting : Neon-look edge lit acrylic sign

Electronics : Sunday Soldering
Electronics : Crystal Pummer
Electronics : Private Neuron Build event
Arduino : Animatronics with servos
Raspberry Pi : Retro Arcade Cabinet Build

3D Printing : Robot Hospital
3D Printing : How to Draw 3D objects for printing

Props Prosthetics and Puppets :  Tentacle Build Part 1 Skeletons and skin
Props Prosthetics and Puppets :  Tentacle Build Part 2  Servo Control
Props Prosthetics and Puppets :  Tentacle Build Part 3 Monster Crate
Props Prosthetics and Puppets :  Life Casting Workshop
Props Prosthetics and Puppets :  Prosthetics, ears and noses
Props Prosthetics and Puppets :  Casting latex zombie parts

Molding and Casting : Hero's home - Creating & casting from silicone molds
Molding and Casting : Mini Terrain Features - Grottos, ruins and graves.
Molding and Casting : Silicone mold making workshop - Italian Brackets
Molding and Casting : Casting honeycomb succulent pots

Through these classes, workshops, collaborative projects, and other activities,
we want to encourage research, knowledge exchange, learning, and mentoring in a safe space.
We provide an educational space for teaching practical skills and theory of technology, science, and art.


If you want to get involved as a student or a teacher, call us at 913-686-6562.

Temporarily closed to the public

Hammerspace Workshop is currently closed to the public and our members due to the Pandemic.

We are continuing to provide laser-cutting and other digital fabrication services with curbside pickup.

Members have voted to remain closed until June at the earliest.   We will be watching and learning from the mistakes and successes in other cities before exposing our community to unnecessary risks.

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