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Make An Animated Tentacle, Tail, or Robot Arm at HammerSpace!

RUN, DO NOT WALK to sign up for the THREE PART Animated Tentacle
Prop Class Series taking place at HammerSpace throughout October! Call (913) 686-6562 or email your request to
hammerspacehobby @ gmail to receive confirmation. RSVP required!

Tentacle Prop, Part 1 (Skeletons and Skin)
Saturday, October 4th, 12:00pm – 3:30pm

Part one of our seasonal prop building class: Make your very own
controllable tentacle (as seen at our Maker Faire KC table) while you
learn the basics of animated skeletal structures. Use PVC pipe and pop
rivets to make your next Halloween or horror movie extra scary. Use the
same technique to make better robotic hands and grippers, or an animated
tail for your next costume. Learn how to use a band saw to mass produce
your parts, and a pop rivet gun to assemble your creation. This is a
great class for fans of cosplay! For Ages 8-108 years old (please make
sure your child is accompanied by an adult) Cost: $30/non-members
$25/members (to be paid at time of class)

Tentacle Prop, Part 2 (Servo Controller)
Saturday, October 11, 12:00pm – 3:30pm

Part two of our seasonal prop building class: In part two we explore
servos and servo controllers. The servo replaces the puppeteer with
electronics that can be controlled from afar or by a program. We will
use a Trinket microcontroller board to create a servo controller to
control a servo attached to your tentacle prop from the previous week.
This will allow you to animate your prop by wire with a control knob.
This technique can be used in almost every practical special effect to
provide highly controllable animation. For Ages 8-108 years old (please
make sure your child is accompanied by an adult) Cost: $30/non-members
$25/members (to be paid at time of class) Larger servos are available
for heavy props, but are not included in the basic price.

Tentacle Prop, Part 3 (Putting It All Together- Aesthetics, Painting, and Presentation)
Saturday, October 18, 12:00pm – 3:30pm

Part three of our seasonal prop building class: Aesthetics, painting,
and presentation. Make an enclosure for your prop to really sell it's
realism. In this class we will make a crate with bars to hide the
mechanisms that operate your prop. We will also pull out the airbrushes
and paint and teach you to decorate your prop. We will cover painting
techniques like dry brushing, inking and airbrushing. You will be using
woodworking tools and air nailers to build durable set pieces. For ages 8-108 years old. Cost: $30/non-member, $25/member (to be paid at time of class).

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