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Learn ‘Green’ Woodworking At HammerSpace This April!

'Green' Woodworking Class - Spoon Carving
Saturday, April 18th, Noon-3pm
Cost: $50/person (all materials and tools included)
For ages: 18+

In this workshop, you will learn how to make truly one-of-a-kind, high end, usable spoons from freshly-cut hardwoods. Students will split apart small bolts of limb-wood, then begin to rough out the shape of their spoon with a hatchet, a saw and a drawknife utilizing the shavehorse or a vice. A carving knife and spokeshave will follow, working the refined overall shape. For hollowing the spoon’s bowl, students will learn the use of specialized hook knives. Finishing is done with the hooked scrapers and sandpaper. Finishes for your work will also be covered.

The workshop will cover various aspects of green wood spoon carving with special emphasis on the safe and efficient use of the axes and knives, and the design choices involved in making a spoon that is both attractive and highly functional. Every student will leave with their very own, self-made spoon.

In class as in life, Safety Always. Learn to handle, carve and hold tools in safe positions or with carving gloves to protect yourself. For power tools eyewear and hearing protection is a must. Lastly protect your lungs from the dust and finishes. No class is successful if someone gets hurt.

Seating is limited! Sign up by calling 913-686-6562 or email  your request to hammerspacehobby @ gmail for confirmation.

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