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3D Printing Services

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We offer a number of 3D printing and related services and classes at the space.

Do you have a model and just need it printed?

If you've already got a 3D model of the object and just want to have us print it,visit our online print estimator to check, and estimate price to print your .STL (or .OBJ) files. STLs are the standard format used for FDM printers like the ones we have at the space and almost all 3D modeling software will export STL files.

Your object must be under 12" x12"x18" or 8"x8"x8" or 9"x6"x6" to be printable on our printers. If you've got something bigger than that and need it printed as a single piece, let us know and we may be able to get you in touch with other local printing hubs that can handle your request.

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File Type: .stl or .obj
3D printing materials: ABS or PLA
Maximum size: aproximatly 8"x8"x8" or 9"x6"x6"
Minimum feature thickness: 0.4mm
Layer heights: .2mm down to .04mm
Set Up Fee: $2   (Free for members)
Cost: $0.30/gram   ($0.20/gram for members)

Do you want to learn how to use a 3D printer?

Become a member and we can give you a basic introduction to the FDM 3D printers we have at the space and how to print models on them. If you'd like a more in depth discussion of printers and their inner workings as well as a basic introduction to making your own models, we recommend taking our introductory 3D printing class (check out the calendar for the next available session).

Do you want to learn how to make your own models for 3D printing?

We offer a number of 3D printing classes. If you're new to modeling and 3D printing in general, we recommend taking our introductory 3D printing class, "3D Printing: How to draw objects for 3D printing", which is generally held twice a month. We also periodically have classes on specific 3D modeling software and techniques (SketchUp, 3D scanning, etc.). Check out the calendar for the next available sessions.

Do you need someone to make a model for 3D printing for you?

We can handle basic drafting and scanning tasks and we've got members that offer professional drafting services at discounted rates. Let us know what you need modeled and we'll help you out or put you in touch with someone who can draft your designs for you.

Do you need help fixing your 3D printer?

We have common 3D printer parts in stock in our Hammerspace store. We also host a bi-monthly robot hospital class were local 3D printer experts can help you get your printer back in functioning order. Check out the calendar for the next available session.

Temporarily closed to the public

Hammerspace Workshop is currently closed to the public and our members due to the Pandemic.

We are continuing to provide laser-cutting and other digital fabrication services with curbside pickup.

Members have voted to remain closed until June at the earliest.   We will be watching and learning from the mistakes and successes in other cities before exposing our community to unnecessary risks.

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