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Trial Memberships:

Try out Hammerspace without any commitment.
Trial memberships do not include any storage privileges.
Trial memberships may only be used during office hours (11am-7pm) to ensure the safety of new users.
Trial members are encouraged to become full members of the space.

Individual One Month Trial Membership: $65
Must be payed month to month in person at the space.

New members may skip trial membership and become a full member at any time by signing up online.


Full Memberships:

Full members of Hammerspace are granted storage privileges and a discounted rate.
Full member discount assumes and requires a commitment of at least 3 months.

Sign up right now through PayPal for recurring payments and save 23%
This is our most popular way to sign up.

Auto-pay Subscriptions to Hammerspace:

$50 per month individual membership (1 adult plus any children under 18)

$75 per month family membership (includes 2 adult memberships plus related children)

$100 per month commercial membership (includes 1 commercial member)

Or Pre-pay for a year and save even more on your membership dues!

Yearly Membership:

$500 per year individual

$750 per year family

$1000 per year commercial

Non-profit and Commercial Group rates are available.
Your club, scout troop, Lego League or organization can meet at Hammerspace.
Get a group rate and full membership for your whole group.
Call or come in for details.

Membership Details

All membership types include any children under 18 FOR FREE! Commercial Membership is REQUIRED for anyone producing products, prototypes or tools for their established commercial business at Hammerspace.  Commercial Memberships can be expanded to include additional members of your company for only $30 per additional member.Small scale storage is available for all FULL members for as long as membership is current. Large scale storage is available on a short term basis with Parking Permits issued by the office on a monthly basis.  Storage charges for large items may apply.

Open House / Weekly Member Meeting

New prospective members and existing members are encouraged to come meet at the space every Thursday night at 6 PM for OPEN HOUSE night.  Get a tour of Hammerspace and sign up to become a member.

Full members are encouraged to attend the Member Meeting at Open House.  Member meetings are listed on the calendar, and are a great opportunity to participate in group activities and get involved in the process of planning classes and events and improving the space.   Make your voice heard.

Payments are non-refundable after 48 hours or after any use of the space.

Hammerspace Scholarship Fund

Hammerspace collects donations for our scholarship fund for exceptional makers who are disadvantaged.  You can help support young makers who can't afford access to tools by making a donation.  Your support allows our space to provide resources to the gifted kids who need our help the most.